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The Tropical Colors Of Coastal Nicaragua


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Imagine how dull the world would be without tropical colors! I have written before about our collective changing tastes where color is concerned. Brilliant colors like the ones in this scene from San Juan del Sur have been both democratized and marginalized. Once you would have needed to be wealthy to have colors like this. And now that anyone can have them, you see them in fewer places. And yet, so many of us smile just a little bigger in a place like San Juan del Sur where the streets seem to drip from a painters palette filled with vibrant tropical colors.

After several trips to Mexico and a brief stay in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, I’ve become a huge fan of brilliant tropical colors. I love to walk down streets where the inhabitants have embraced the spectrum of colors that exist beyond beige and white. And at home, I love to bring back a little of that beautiful color for my own walls! Scenes like this one from the colorful coastal streets of San Juan del Sur always bring a smile to my face on a gray day.

San Juan del Sur had a certain rustic charm to it, as well. It had both the tropical colors I love and the vibe of a beach shack. I had never heard of the city before washing up there with a group I was traveling with several years ago. Yet, after a few nights relaxing there, part of me never wanted to budge again! And I’ve long contemplated a return trip to San Juan del Sur to enjoy both the vibrant tropical colors and the warm people who call that beautiful place their home. I’m sure sooner or later it will happen. The tropical colors and the laid back vibe are calling tome.

Have you been to San Juan del Sur as well? Or do the vibrant colors of this print and the rustic coastal vibe speak to you in a language of their own? I hope you might take a moment to relax and share what you like mot about this art print?


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