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Timeless London – St Paul’s Cathedral Art Print


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There’s a Timeless London quality to gazing across the river at the great dome of St. Paul’s cathedral. It’s one of those iconic sights that surpasses the lives of people. You  have likely seen iconic photos of St. Paul’s rising above the smoke and debris of World War II and it feels like an enduring feature of the earth rather than a mere building. And when those photos were taken during World War II, St Paul’s was already a centuries old building then! That Timeless London quality was what I was after in this artwork. I feel like St Paul’s is an enduring observer. It has watched people like this pass in the streets for centuries already and it’s likely it will see many centuries more pass by while it stands watch.

The photo I based this artwork on had a very shallow depth of field such that the people were fairly anonymous. I’ve continued with that anonymity here because it was speaks of the fragile and short lives we lead. Long after these anonymous people are gone, there will still be that great dome rising over the future streets of a timeless London. Our historic buildings are our legacy and the legacy of those before us. They are that which endures the passing years rather than the people who built it.

Ultimately this is everyday London to me. It’s the hustle and bustle of people in a living city. London is the sum of its history as well as the people that call it home today. When I look at this it reminds me of days I spent wandering there, the variety of people I encountered as well as the sights I saw and experienced.

Does this print remind you of a long ago trip to London? Or perhaps of a day in your life  in the city ? I’d love to hear how this everyday London print speaks to you?


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