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The Turbine Hall – Bankside Power Station Art Print


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Over the course of several trips to London, I’d seen the looming Bankside Power Station on the south bank of the Thames several times. And I knew it was the home of the Tate Modern, but there are so many museums in London that I can’t imagine how long it would take to see them all!

On the last visit, I decided to take in the Tate Modern. The art was, of course incredibly, but what I’ll never forget is the scale of that incredible structure. The 1950’s industrial architecture in Britain was clearly an a gargantuan scale as this print of the Turbine hall in the old Bankside Power station illustrates! Isn’t the scale of that space against the people seen on the floor below amazing?

The Tate Modern is housed in a work of modern art in its own right. The scale inside this part of the Bankside Power Station is massive because this is where the large turbines that generated electricity for London once stood. I’m sure that there must have been some temptation to subdivide this mammoth space, but I’m glad it was left pretty much as was minus the industrial machinery.

I spent quite some time on a bridge overlooking that open space capturing people in action on the floor of the Turbine hall. Look how small and anonymous the people in this black and white print are compared to the scale of the building. And I also loved the contrast of the human figures with the hard straight lines of the modern-design of that old power plant.

And I was never alone in admiring that view. The people in motion and the light through the windows and skylights was ever-changing. It made each photo, each moment, different and unique.

Have you stood inside the Bankside Power Station in London as well? Or does this print speak to you without ever having needed to stand there, too? I’d love to hear what calls you to this particular London print!


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