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Uniquely London – Dramatic Tower Bridge Fine Art Print


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Tower Bridge pictured here, is one of my favorite London landmarks is without a doubt. I love that the bridge is actually a Victorian piece of engineering dressed in the stone of Medieval England. When it was decided to build a new bridge, it was felt it should complement nearby Tower of London. The result is a Gothic Revival masterpiece!

While there are no doubt tons of images of this easily recognizable London Icon, it’s always fun to try for something that will stand on its own. On this particular day I had a wonderfully moody sky to the north of the Thames but there was strong sun in the late afternoon that was lighting up the architecture of the old bridge.

Those ingredient alone would have made for a pretty dramatic photo, but I happened to be at the right place at the right time as I heard a plane coming into the frame. I glanced up and saw the plane was going to pass into view.  I framed the scene and waited for it to line just so…

What’s interesting is that the plane in this print even has very classic, older lines to it. I don’t know if that’s my imagination or if this was a classic plane in flight or what? Whatever the case it completes this classic London Tower Bridge art print better than I could have hoped.It’s that extra little bit of drama and flair that makes this one hard to repeat.

Have you walked across Tower Bridge yourself? Or is a beautiful afternoon in London the stuff of dreams? Either way, this beautiful print is fuel for the memories or the dreams, don’t you agree?


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