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Unmistakable Streets of Paris – Eiffel Tower Art


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On one of my last days there, I scoured the streets of Paris surrounding the landmark Eiffel Tower. I had a vision in my mind of an image with it rising above the streets of Paris. I never quite found that vantage point. I have a distinct feeling the image in my minds eye would have required getting up above the streets of Paris rather than standing down among them.

This view up the Rue de Buenos Ayres was the closest I ever got to that view of the streets of Paris that I wanted. And the interesting thing to me is how unpredictable art buyers can be. I’ve long learned that I can only work on satisfying myself with my artwork. There’s no prediction which print will capture people’s hearts. To date, this view of the streets of Paris and the Eiffel Tower rising up at the end of the Rue de Buenos Ayres is my most popular Paris print. So my hours wandering those streets wasn’t in vain!

And I think ultimately the popularity of this print is because it does capture the spirit of Paris. With Le Castel Cafe on the corner there, it could be any number of streets of Paris. It’s absolutely Parisian in flavor just from the architecture and the corner cafe. The Eiffel Tower at the end of the street just drives it home.

I suspected the architecture along this Paris avenue was Art Nouveau but my limited searches suggest these buildings are actually Second Empire and pre-date the Art Nouveau movement. Some of the flourishes still make wonder if they had a little remodel/update in the Art Nouveau period?

I digress (often)! Does this remind you of a day on the streets of Paris, too?


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