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A Very Parisian Gargoyle – Skyline Art Print


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Even if you have never climbed to the roof of Notre Dame to see those very Parisian gargoyles looking across the skyline, it would be obvious that this print is of Paris! It only takes a second for your eyes to sweep across the rooftops below and spot the famous Eiffel Tower on the horizon of the city. How many landmarks are so recognizable?

I am not sure how many people make the long trek up to the roof of Notre Dame de Paris as I did. There’s no question others do it, Even on a cold winter day, I was not alone huffing and puffing up that cramped stairway. But there were far more people inside Notre Dame than I saw waiting to climb to the roof to enjoy the view with this Parisian Gargoyle.

And what a view it is! Paris has historically had a height restriction on buildings in the old city. The result is that from the top of tall structures like the Eiffel Tower or, indeed, Notre Dame, the cityscape below just seems to stretch into the distance like a field of grass in a prairie. Look how small the people in the city streets below appear. The Parisian gargoyle in this print literally has an aerial view of the city below.

I love climbing old churches and cathedrals. It is always like getting an insider’s look at the architecture of those grand old churches and an unusual look at the city below. It was plain from the staircase at Notre Dame de Paris as in the other churches I’ve visited, that every day people were never intended to make that climb. I wonder if the builders of these old churches ever envisioned charging admission for a roof top tour? But the view both of the Parisian gargoyles and the amazing skyline were absolutely worth it!

Does this Parisian gargoyle print remind you of your own climb to the top of Notre Dame? Or perhaps you simply love gargoyles? I would love if you took a second to let me know what you appreciate most about this Paris print!


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