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Victorian Gothic Tower Bridge – Landmark London Art


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London is a city filled with iconic architecture. It’s populated with buildings that are recognized around the world by people who have never seen them in person. There are maybe a handful of cities with such landmark architecture.

I’m not sure what the most recognized architecture is, but I have little doubt that beautiful Gothic Tower Bridge is pretty high on the list of landmark London architecture. It’s so emblematic of London that I’ve often seen online with footnotes like “The London Bridge” whose actual modern day counterpart further up river is comparatively quite dull and utilitarian. But that just shows how conjoined Gothic Tower Bridge and London are in the minds of people all over the world. It quite simply is The London Bridge to many people. That beautiful Victorian Gothic Revival architecture simply is London for so many people.

I’ve photographed that Gothic bridge on each and every trip to London, and I’ve no doubt however many more times I go, there will be more photographs to come of that London landmark. My heart skips a little each time I see it rising over the waters of the Thames. It’s just unlike any other architecture out there. It was built to be reminiscent of the nearby Tower of London during an era when Gothic revival was all the rage. It’s really a sophisticated piece of architecture clad in a medieval skin.

Yet if I were for some awful reason never to return, I’d consider my pictures of Tower Bridge based on that last trip to be a strong note to end it on. The great golden light that afternoon coupled with the dark skies… wow, what a contrast!

Very dramatic don’t you think?

Have you also stood before Gothic Tower Bridge? Or is such a trip the stuff of dreams? I’d love to hear which camp you are in and why this particular London print appeals to you?


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