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Vintage American Travel Ad – Natural Caverns


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The moment I saw the beautiful blue cavern in this Vintage American travel ad designed by Alexander Dux, I knew I wanted to work on restoring it. I loved the vibrant hues of blue used to denote the light and shadows in the illustration and the majestic feeling depicted by those two small human figures against that massive tableau. I was very impressed with how the artist portrayed so much with the masterful portrayal of light through color.

This American Travel ad was originally a silkscreen print. Even though it’s essentially shades of one color, each value of blue in that cavern would have been a separate part of the printing process. So the color scheme might look deceptively simple! I know this from having gone through the original art in painstaking detail to restore it to the vivid detail you see.

This vintage American travel ad was originally produced by the Work Projects Administration in the late 1930’s. This government organization was part of the New Deal era and, among other things, created a couple of thousand of now classic posters that were designed for various projects. This one was, as you can see, promoting American travel. I don’t know about you but I want to pack my bags and See America every time I look at this beautiful poster.

As far as I know the beautiful natural cavern in this ad is a work of fiction but it definitely captures the essence of American Travel. America then as now is known for its raw natural beauty and I feel that sense of awe as I look at this just as the couple standing there together among those massive stalactites and stalagmites must. This could easily be a vintage advertisement to see any of a number of State or National parks across America.

A great poster for someone who has already or wants to See America!

You can see the original scan of this vintage print at the Library of Congress. As you can tell, it took a good deal of work to bring it back to its original glory but it was well worth it to me. I love seeing vintage artwork like this with the years peeled back.


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