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Vintage Railroad Coaling Tower – Macon Georgia Art Print


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One evening as I was passing through Macon heading back to Atlanta after a weekend at home, I decided on the spur of the moment to do a little wandering in Macon. I happened upon the old industrial section of town and saw this massive structure rising into the blue skies. It was actually many years before I knew that this was a vintage coaling tower for the Central of Georgia Railway.

There was a great golden light hitting on that old coaling tower. It looked like a beacon amongst the gritty warehouses and old factories. I had to get a closer look. It turned out to be somewhat like a full scale maze as I continually hit dead ends on streets I was sure would lead me to that coaling tower that was bathed in golden light from the setting sun.

Being the rat in the maze in search of the cheese was somewhat frustrating but eventually, as you can tell, I got there. The nature of that old structure was unknown to me at the time. It looked like some sort of futuristic castle from Anime. That was the source of the title for this work. I could just picture this as the castle for some mad scientist or a fantasy future kingdom.

The reality turned out to be at least as interesting as my fantasies as this vintage coaling tower is a relic from days gone past. It hails from an era when trains crossed our country on steam power! Coaling towers like this one were set up in cities and at other stopping points along the way. Some were small and some like this one in old Macon, Georgia, were massive affairs. Once upon a time, coal rumbled down the chutes from that old tower into waiting steam trains. It’s not the fantasy future I envisioned long ago, but it’s still a world removed in time from us today. And it’s the sort of old utilitarian structure with no purpose today that in another generation or two may be entirely absent from the landscape.

Have you also stumbled upon the old coaling tower in Macon, Georgia? Or perhaps you’re a fan of the steam era of the railroads? Either way, I hope you’ll share what you like about this old vivid Macon print!


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