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Vortex – Atlanta – Little Five Points Print


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The Vortex in Atlanta’s Little Five Points isn’t the original, but I’d argue it’s an institution in its own right. But perhaps I’m biased since it was the first location of the bar I knew when I moved to Atlanta. My first two years in the city, I lived not far from the Little Five Points neighborhood and loved to spend weekends there browsing the eclectic shops and, honestly, people watching. And I’ll never forget my first day on the streets of Little Five Points, as the landmark skull of the Vortex appeared ahead of me on Moreland Avenue, I knew I had found the fabled land. The Little Five Points location seemed quite venerable by the time I was there so it’s hard for me to believe the reality that it was only a couple of years old at the time! The midtown location for that matter wasn’t a lot older then either. Time flies!

Even after I moved out to the suburbs closer to my job at the time, I still found any excuse I could to visit the Vortex. Out of town guests, let’s go to the Vortex! It’s the fifth Monday in October and it only happens every 120 years, let’s eat burgers at the Vortex! I jest but you’ve seen those memes haven’t you? LOL

I don’t think I can be alone in that because this Vortex print has long been among my popular Landmark Atlanta prints. I can only speculate at the motivation of the people getting these prints of the restaurant in L5P. Does it remind them fondly of Little Five Points? I know it makes me a bit wistful. Are they getting them as gifts for someone who shares memories of special night there? Why don’t you tell me? What brought you in search of this print of the bigger than life skull at the entrance to the Vortex in Little Five Points? In search of a memento of long ago or maybe wall art to decorate your first apartment in Atlanta? Inquiring minds want to know!

Seriously though I hope you will pause to share your thoughts. And don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions about ordering one of my Atlanta prints or any or my other work.


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