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Walking The Streets of Historic Oaxaca – Mexico Art


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The streets of historic Oaxaca have called to me every since my brief stay there. I rang in the New Year on those beautiful streets and have wondered every since if Oaxaca is as charming the rest of the year? My hunch is yes, but I really want to put that to the test some day.

There’s certainly a feel for the atmosphere of historic Oaxaca during my stay there in this print. Just look at all the people enjoying the late afternoon sun and a stroll on Calle Macedonio Alcalá. This pedestrian street through the center of historic Oaxaca is known also as the Andador, or walking street. Throughout my stay in the hills of Oaxaca this street was never empty. There was always a great sense of life and the rhythm of the life in Mexico there.

Historic Oaxaca wasn’t just special to me because of the vivid colors. Colorful architecture, of course, is something found throughout Mexico. It was the wealth of historic buildings that won me over. In fact, Oaxaca’s city center is a UNESCO designated World heritage site because of its wealth of historic colonial architecture. The interesting thing to me was that the architecture seemed to span the ages from Spanish baroque all the way to baroque revival. Beautiful and treasured old buildings seemed to line all of the streets of historic Oaxaca. Take for example the building on the right in this art print, Oaxaca’s Contemporary Art Museum known locally as La casa de Cortes. It was built at the close of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century. And it features that awesome green cantera stone, a local building material for which Oaxaca is also known.

Ultimately this historic Oaxaca print is about more than just the beautiful buildings. Based on photos from my last day in the city, I was trying to capture the spirit of the city. And at the end of the day, the spirit of a place is a marriage of the physical architecture and the people and we can see both here, from people enjoying a great day at the start of a new year to the centuries old buildings surrounding them.

Have you also fallen under the spell of Oaxaca? Or perhaps the happy mood of this print speaks to you regardless of having been here or not? I hope you might take a moment to share how you connect with this particular Mexico artwork?


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