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Whimsy – Red British Phone Booth Art Print


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Anyone who knows me or follows my artwork knows that I’m quite fond of those brilliant red British Phone booths. I liked their design and eye-catching color long before I had ever seen one in person. So, it’s a foregone conclusion that on any trip to the UK, I’m going to hunt for those beautiful British icons!

You know something has become symbolic of a place when they still exist long after their purpose has passed. Credit where credit is due, the British phone booth is a functional work of art. It’s the marriage of a beautiful design with a public utility. But in our day and age where anyone who wants a phone has one in their pocket, their reason for still existing clearly has entered the realm of nostalgia and art. Many of the truly classic survivors are now listed English heritage buildings. Do you think anyone 70 years ago ever dreamed a phone booth would be a protected building?

And you further know something has surpassed the realm of its original purpose when you find them in the streets and pubs of far away places. I’ve run across my share of British phone booths in British pubs in the states. Of course, the brilliant red color makes them an eye-catching piece of decor, but beyond that it’s the design that screams Britain for any Anglophile!

I based this textured art piece of a British phone booth off one of my photos of one of the old classic Telephone Boxes from along the banks of the Thames in London. As the title suggests, I was going for a whimsical illustrated feel to the final picture and I’m very happy not just with the colors and textures but the over-all simplicity of it while still really capturing and speaking to a locale, Great Britain.


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