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Wide Open Spaces – Rural Georgia Landscape Art


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This print is my definition of wide open spaces. Seeing a road disappearing onto the horizon in a landscape like this just feels empowering, perhaps freeing? It speaks to the side of me that wants to hop in the car and ride and ride into the never-ending sunset like the end of a movie. There’s just something of a cinematic quality to this endless vista, don’t you think?

And of course this wide open space is special to me because it’s a little taste of home. Macon County lies at the edge of the mid-state in Georgia. While there are old mountains north of here, just south of here, the land becomes quite flat. And it gets flatter as you head south into Florida. In this part of Georgia, there are a lot of gentle rolling hills, and every so often you hit a good plain or plateau. And almost without fail, those flat rural places will be farmland.

With the trees wiped bare and crops as far as you can see, these wide open spaces feel, I suspect, a lot like the prairies must feel. I will compare them for myself some day, but whatever the location, I love the endless quality of rural prints like this with roads vanishing onto the unknown horizon.

This photo was taken as the sun was setting (to the left of the camera) in rural Macon County. The sky was filled with gorgeous soft colors – mostly blue with a bit of pink and yellow right where the land meets the sky. In the distance, you can see farm buildings and silos almost on the horizon. It really gives this rural print a sense of… well, being rural. It reminds me of countless drives in the countryside of my own home state as well as this region of the country.

Do you have roots in the rural Macon County landscape as well? Or perhaps this quiet sunset print speaks to you of wide open spaces like it does for me regardless of where your rural roots may be? I hope you will share what attracts you to this Georgia landscape print!


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