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Notre Dame Cathedral Panorama – Paris Seine Art Print


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I strolled past Notre Dame de Paris on many occasions during my short stay in Paris, but there was one extraordinarily sunny day when it all came together. I spent hours in and around the old Gothic church on that beautiful afternoon. As you can see from this Notre Dame cathedral panorama print, the sunlight was rich and golden, the skies crisp and blue. It was really what I would have custom ordered for weather if I could have placed such an order.

As I stood on the banks of the Seine opposite, I knew a Notre Dame cathedral panorama was in order. I wanted to capture all of the massive Gothic architecture as well as a bit of the Paris cityscape. Essentially, I wanted the viewer of this print to have a real taste of the city and stitching together a series of images was the way to go. The resulting print is so vivid and large that I feel as if I could step back into that moment on the Seine in Paris again. Do you have that same sense of being there?

Years ago on a trip to London in the winter, a tour guide pointed out a fact of the seasons I have never forgotten. In winter there are views of the architecture in these old European cities that you’ll never see in winter. I’m sure this same Notre Dame cathedral panorama would be beguiling in the spring or summer, but it’s only in the winter that you have a nearly uninterrupted view of the French Gothic architecture and the surrounding cityscape. Winter literally seems to strip a city to its bare bones which is wonderful for those of us who love to examine the architectural details.

And those architectural details are on full display in this picturesque Notre Dame cathedral panorama. Do you see the beautiful flying buttresses for which Notre Dame is so well known? This was the first use of that design element. The builders of Notre Dame wanted thin but tall stone walls and this was their elegant solution. One of many details in this rich Paris print. What ones pop out for you?

Even if you have never stood on the Seine on a winter day in Paris, this view of Notre Dame Cathedral is beguiling. From the vibrant blues and golds to the reflecting river waters, it makes me smile every time I see it. What is your favorite aspect of this Paris print?


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