If you love cats as I do, then I hope you may enjoy taking a look at my cat wall art and some fun kitty decor. While cat art is a relatively new focus of my work, cats are certainly not new to my life. When I was born my parents already had two cats and my Mom had likewise always been in a home with those furry felines. For my late father it was an acquired taste but he eventually came around and regarded a cat here and there across the years as “his.” It was always funny to my Mom and me that all of the cats vied for the smallest morsel of attention from my Dad. It was as if our attention was not quite as worthwhile because it was too easily obtained. Have you ever had a similar experience?

While I’m probably more well known for my art featuring landmarks, architecture and landscapes, working on art that focuses on something I know so well has been a fun change of pace. I’m also known for my attention to color which hasn’t changed and I hope you might enjoy some colorful cat wall art as much as I do.

This canvas print of a kitten sleeping on a stack of books has been especially popular with people who also love to read. And while the kitten is an amalgam of many I’ve loved over the years, this is a scene that could have come from my own home. My family has also always had a fondness for getting lost in the pages of a good book. And with a cat or kitten in your lap it’s only better.

My love of fiction includes science fiction if you didn’t already know. So I had to do at least one piece of cat art that spoke to my long love of sci-fi and fantasy. Are there similar genre-type areas that you enjoy? I keep a running list of suggestions for art subjects that people are interested in seeing. So, if you have general themes or specific things you’d like to see, do send me a message. It can be cat wall art you’d like to see or really anything that you’d like to see in my style.

This space kitty is named James Tiberius Cat. Not because he particularly looks like or was modeled after Captain Kirk from Star Trek but because the first sci-fi I fell for was the original Star Trek TV show. So my first cat-in-space needed to pay homage in name at least to that show.

Of course the neat thing about art like this is there’s nothing stopping you from making up your own backstory to go with the art. Maybe you’d choose to name this space cat after an actual astronaut? Who are your real life heroes in space flight?

Of course cat art can be fanciful without showing them in human situations or dress. I think that’s definitely the case with this artwork I did with the style and texture of mosaic tile art. If you’re someone who adores cats and color, then I suspect this one will get your attention. In my case, I have already filled up the walls of our home but I still keep looking at this one and trying to figure out where I could hang it printed large, you know? If for no other reason, the smile it brings to my face every time I look at it – color and cats, oh my!

Does it bring the same sort of smile across your face?

Speaking of smiles… Although I love all cats, I have to admit to having a special fondness for ginger cat Whether you call them orange, yellow, or ginger, they are just little rays of sunshine . Although none of my current batch are kittens anymore, I have three that started out like the one pictured on this canvas print. My older two, Abbie and Shy are eleven years old now

My fondness for ginger cats probably has a lot to do with the first cat I can remember from childhood, a big lovable orange tabby who adored children. Wherever me and my friends were playing, he was there. Cats, of course, are like people and their personalities vary wildly so it was a stroke of fortune that my first cat-memories are of a cat that loved kids. Did you have a similar experience with the first kitties in your life?

Does this one remind you of a special kitty you have now or maybe one from the past? Or maybe you simply enjoy the subject in combination with the colors?

It’s worth mentioning that the same artwork that’s available as cat wall art is available on other options like these throw pillow covers for instance. As I mentioned earlier, between my Mom and me we have filled up the walls of our home so sometimes it’s easier to squeeze something special in when it’s a bit more functional. Indeed throw pillow covers and tote bags have been popular choices in general And they are an option that can be easily customized. For instance I’ve had some customers who chose to get a tote or a throw pillow cover with different art printed on each side or perhaps my art on one side and a photo of their own pet on the other. Does that sound interesting?

And similarly I should point out that all of my cat art can be customized to degrees. For instance maybe you’re eying a particular piece of art because it reminds you of one of your cats but the eye color is wrong? Because my work is digital, that sort of change is relatively quick and easy. So whatever it is you’re thinking of whether for a piece of kitty decor or a piece of wall art, send a message to let me know what you’re interested in having.

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I have a newsletter that is sent out about once or twice a month. Primarily it focuses on new art I’ve added since the last update. It will include more than just cat art, but if you enjoy my work, I hope you’ll consider signing up before you leave! You can add yourself at the bottom of the page – the button below will jump there for you.

On my personal shop, my artwork is available in cat wall art in multiple formats – art prints on paper (ready for you to frame) or ready to hang canvas prints and metal prints. I can also direct you to sites where you can get my work printed and framed. Just send me a message with which artwork you’re interested in getting. It’s usually also available as throw pillow covers, tote bags, and notebooks. Can’t find it? Just ask!

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How Can I Help?

At the end of the day, it’s important to know that you’re dealing with an individual when you purchase prints and other products from my site. It’s not a corporation. There’s not an army of marketing people, etc. The same guy who tracks your order and answers your emails is also the person whose art you’re considering purchasing.

You are not a number and I care that you are happy with whatever art you might buy here. I’m here if you’d like to ask questions before or after. And I’m also happy to work with you where possible to customize the work you’re purchasing. Maybe you’d like a tweak to the shape of a print to fit in with your existing wall art. Or you’d like to add a little nod to someone special in it? Just ask! I also keep a running list of subjects I don’t currently have but people are seeking. So if you enjoy the style of my work but didn’t find quite what you were looking for, please do let me know.

I’ve been an artist for 15 years now and most of that time it’s been my full-time passion. And it matters to both the endorphins in my brain and the food I put on the table for me (and my cats) that you find the experience of purchasing from me to be a pleasure.