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Dusk in Galway – Cathedral On The Corrib Art Print

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This print is based on a photo taken at dusk in Galway on my last night in the city. I had taken photos on previous evenings from this same vantage point overlooking the Salmon Weir Bridge over the River Corrib. If you’re in one spot long enough, I think it’s natural to repeat locations, to experiment with different lighting and angles, etc. And for that matter, the skies never mind your own mood changes with the day. No two images are the same. There are so many variables at play.

And it doesn’t hurt when you really like the subject of those pictures. And I was impressed with Galway’s cathedral. Looking at it one could easily imagine the church in this print being something built in medieval times, but it was completed in 1965! I do love modern architecture, but in a city like Galway, it just felt right for the cathedral to be defined by such traditional architecture.

When I was working on this print of dusk in Galway, I wanted to capture the scene as closely as I remembered it from the deep blue skies to the wintry bare branches of the trees in the background. The cathedral had a timeless feel lit up against the sky and with the bridge leading over to it both physically and in an artistic way leading the eye. Whenever I look at this Galway scene, I feel as if I’m back there on that night. The bridge feels like somewhere I could visit right now instead of a place I last saw in person years ago.

I hope some of that feeling is my art, but I think some of it is also simply Galway itself. If you’ve been or called it home, you likely know what I mean. There’s just something heartwarming about Galway and I’ve felt a little homesick in some way for it every since I left. Howa bout you?

This will remain the image that defines my farewell to Galway. I hope it won’t be the last time, but this dusk in Galway print is a fitting goodbye to a great Irish city.


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