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Mealt Falls And Kilt Rock – Isle of Skye Art Print

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There are some places like the one pictured here that I’ve had the good fortune to visit that just defy description. I’m so glad I have pictures to back up my stories, otherwise, I’m not sure anyone would believe me! The Isle of Skye was one of those utterly unbelievable places. This is the coastline of that beautiful island with Mealt Falls tumbling into the sea and Kilt Rock in the distance. So much of Skye looked like it was pulled straight from a fantasy film. And there were as it turns out parts of the island I later saw in the motion picture, Stardust.

Although I don’t recall seeing Kilt Rock or Mealt Falls in that movie, whenever I look back at this print of that beautiful rugged coastal cliff, I’m reminded of a number of epic fantasies where the hero arrives at the edge of the world. Inevitably, the climax of the film seems to always be a sheer drop and tumbling waterfalls. In other words, it always looks something like this rugged and picturesque Scottish piece of coast.

There are quite a few places I’ve visited and then visited again. I’m sad to say so far the Isle of Skye is not on that list. I do want to go back and I think this and my other artwork from Skye are obvious examples of why I must visit this beautiful place again. Although there is a side of me that fears I’d go back and never leave again. I can easily imagine a life spent making beautiful art on Skye.

Have you been to the Isle of Skye and seen Mealt Falls and Kilt Rock? If so, this no doubt brings back beautiful memories! If you haven’t been, perhaps this beautiful print simply speaks to the lover of epic landscapes that resides within you?


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