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Pensacola Lighthouse – Florida Gulf Coast Art

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There’s something magical about lighthouses, and if you dropped by to see this Pensacola lighthouse artwork, then I suspect you have the same feeling? And for me personally, there’s something special about the Florida coast. My family was originally from south Alabama so even though I grew up in Georgia, there was many a summer spent along the panhandle. My childhood memories are of the verdant green for which the Emerald Coast is so well known. And those rose-colored memories greatly influenced the color scheme of this lighthouse print.

Of course, the Florida gulf coast is not just beautiful, it’s historic. And the Pensacola Bay area is named for its indigenous peoples, never mind that some of the first European settlements were in the area. Compared to the history of the area, Pensacola Lighthouse is practically new. The current lighthouse (not the first on the bay) was built in 1859 and it towers over the surrounding landscape at 150 feet high. For me, the architecture of the light is just classic and the keeper’s cottage has a real Florida gulf coast feel to me. The cottage, a duplex, was built a decade after the light. Originally housing the families of the keeper and the assistant keeper, today the old cottage houses a museum.

If you’ve stood before Pensacola Lighthouse with your own family, I think this will remind you both of the natural beauty of Florida as well as the soaring majesty of the old light. I know each time I look at this artwork, I can feel the gulf breeze whipping through the trees. There’s just a wonderful feeling of place tied up in this particular piece for me and I hope you feel it too!

Have you also visited Pensacola Lighthouse? Or is this a familiar local scene for you? Perhaps you live there now or did in the past? I hope you will take a moment to share what drew you to this particular print? Do you simply love lighthouses or do you have your own memories that this stirs for you?


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