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Winter in Dublin – O’Connell Street Art Print

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There are some places in cities that just seem to be magnetic to me. In Dublin, Ireland, that place was O’Connell Street. In part, I think it was because on a sunny winter day that wide open boulevard was flooded with sun from the south. It was like a funnel for sunlight with the wide open river below it. Perhaps on a summer visit I would have been pulled to some green and leafy park, but in the cold winter when I visited, O’Connell Street was my stomping ground.

Whatever the season, it didn’t hurt that O’Connell Street was filled with beautiful old architecture on both sides of what is apparently Europe’s widest avenue. And if you look in the distance you can even see a piece of Dublin’s newest architecture, the Dublin Spire, which rises out of the pedestrian median of O’Connell Street a bit further up the street.

This print was captured with the O’Connell Street bridge to my back at the very beginning of the street as it heads north. And this is very much a taste of what life in Dublin’s historic city center is like, packed with traffic and people. O’Connell street was almost always busy and felt to me like it was an artery of Dublin’s proverbial beating heart.

I still feel a real sense of the life of Dublin when I look at this print. I feel like in some way I’m looking at a portrait of the city. Beautiful light, rich colors, and the people that make it a living place…

And yes, I miss Dublin, how about you? Have you walked these same streets. If not, perhaps this print simply inspires your Celtic blood with a sense of a faraway but dear home?


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