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Wren Library From The River Cam – Cambridge Art Print

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Truly a highlight of my day in Cambridge was ending the day punting on the Cam. It was awesome seeing what the locals refer to as The Backs – the portions of the various colleges in Cambridge that face the River. It’s actually worth remembering that water travel was once the easier route and even the typical mode of travel. In those days, the river side of many historic buildings was at least as important as the street side. The very orientation of how we look at historic architecture has changed more than we realize over the centuries.

I was so lost in reverie as we floated along the Cam that it’s been a challenge identifying some of the buildings I saw that day. A fun challenge, but a challenge nonetheless. After so research, I learned to my delight, the building in this print is one of Sir Christopher Wren’s designs! This is the beautiful Wren Library at Trinity College. I should have had no question this was the work of a master architect, just look at those classical proportions.

In the foreground caught in the reflections of the waters of the Cam is a goose that joined us for a bit of our journey. My suspicion was that he was hoping for a morsel or two from the tourists. Whatever the case, I loved that he stopped by for a little added interest in the foreground of this Wren Library print.

To me, this print really captures the essence of a lazy punt on the River Cam. There’s beautiful and historic architecture, a gorgeous sky and languid waters. I would do this constantly, I think, if I lived in Cambridge. I still look back at this print and get a sense of peaceful ease.

Have you also punted on the Cam? Or is your interest in this Wren Library print due to the historic architecture in the midst of that terribly British landscape?


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