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On Palace Green – Williamsburg Colonial Architecture Art Print


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It still amazes me how timeless Colonial Williamsburg can feel. Just look at this photo taken from near Palace green. If the print was yellowed and tattered, you would easily think it could be from a hundred years ago! Between the classic colonial architecture and the world done to make Colonial Williamsburg feel authentic, it truly is a timeless slice of our colonial past.

The old house in this photo is, in fact, a great example of the work done in Williamsburg. The Elkanah Deane house, as it’s known, is actually a reconstruction. The original was gone by the end of the 18th century. But it was rebuilt on its original location in the 1930’s. Everything you see in Williamsburg may not be authentic, but it is faithful to the past and creates a great illusion of stepping into a timeless piece of our colonial past.

At the same times it’s interesting to me how much this general style still resonates with us today. Many of us would happily live in a home like this today. It still reminds me much of the American dream, anywhere USA. You still see homes like this old Georgian two story today. It’s simply a timeless style and the epitome of Americana.

Because of that classic style, this is one of those prints I see appealing both to people who have stood on Palace Green and admired the beautiful old colonial homes as well as those who just love classic architecture. It’s a piece of decor that ultimately has a very Norman Rockwell feeling doesn’t it?


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