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Ancient Mayan Ruins Art Print – Kabah Palace


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When we think of the Mayan ruins, we tend to think of the big known places like Chichen Itza and Palenque. There are a handful of major Mayan cities that have captured attention, but like our world today, every city is not a major one. On my first visit to the Yucatan, I took a guided tour of some of the Mayan ruins and our guide would point out large mounds that were likely Mayan ruins along the roadside as we traveled. He indicated that there are a great deal of ruins that have yet to be explored by archaeologists.

The Mayan ruins at Kabah are connected by a pedestrian road to the more well-known ruins of Uxmal, but visiting Kabah is more akin to visiting a ghost town. There were few other tourists at the site. Although these Mayan ruins were documented in the mid 19th century, it’s only been in the past decades that there’s been any real work to clear and restore the site for visitors. It was a real treat to stand in the midst of these less-visited but no-less beautiful Mayan ruins.

The architecture of the region has its own local flavor and is known as Puuc architecture. It has the same Mesoamerican feel as the other Mayan ruins but like our cities and towns today, it had its own interpretation on the theme and made me long for more time to explore the lesser-known Mayan ruins. This particular structure was likely a palace and sits behind the main plaza in Kabah.

Of all the buildings at Kabah, this one spoke to me the most and begged to be photographed. I am honestly unable to pinpoint a single reason. The lines of the Mayn architecture in general and the ruins of the vaulted rooms along the front just jumped out for me.

Do these Mayan ruins speak to you as well? Have you perhaps visited Kabah? Or are you simply fascinated by the indigenous cultures of North America? I hop you might take a moment to share what speaks to you most in this Mayan ruins print?


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