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Authentic Irish Pub Art – Winter In Galway


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There’s nothing quite like an authentic Irish Pub, and well, they don’t come much more authentic than the ones actually in Ireland! This one certainly has a classic look rising up off Eyre Street in the heart of Galway. I’ve said it over and over that I left a little part of myself behind in Galway. I feel practically homesick every time I look at one of my Irish prints that depict scenes in and around Galway. And when I think of Ireland, I think inevitably of Galway and the cold winter nights I spent there.

And it didn’t seem to matter how cold it got, I loved every minute of it, including this particular night when a freezing fog settled over the town. Probably anyone with just a little bit of sense was inside that night, probably warming themselves in an authentic Irish pub like this one. In Ireland, pubs are often more like someone’s well loved living room than a bar. It’s a place to sit and talk with friends and family and certainly to get in out of the weather!

On this night, though, I was out wandering in the fog and this print is based off a scene on Eyre street that night. The fog was so thick that from any distance, buildings dissolved into the mists and the world took on an almost surreal feel. But it made for some quite atmospheric prints. Some of my most popular work was from scenes like this one that night. I’ll never forget the warm glow of that authentic Irish pub against the cool blues and grays of the night air. It looked like a welcoming beacon to the weary traveler. Doesn’t that warm glow in the windows seem inviting?

Have you been to Galway or perhaps called it home? Or do you just love the classic appeal of this authentic Irish pub print? I hope you might take a second to stop and share what in particular called to you in this print of McSwiggan’s Bar And Restaurant in Galway?


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