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After a few visits to Mexico, it seems like Baroque Mexican churches are part and parcel of the landscape of most Mexican cities. In fact, I’ve seen much the same of my visits further south into Latin American and have heard it’s basically the signature style of most of the Spanish Colonial period churches. And I think one of the most outstanding examples I’ve seen of Spanish Baroque Mexican churches is without a doubt the one you see in this Mexico City print. Kind of fitting that it’s in the capitol city of Mexico, eh?

This particular church is actually only a part of the massive Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City. This is the Tabernacle of that church and really jumped out at me, in no small part because of the bright bunch of rustic red on the church facade. The cathedral took well over 200 years to complete and the west end of the church is noticeably different from the rest, far more ornate and much more clearly part of the pantheon of Spanish Baroque Mexican churches. I loved the shape and lines of the facade and the large scale of the building. It just has an incredible aesthetic that spoke to me the moment it came into view. Have you had that same instant affection for a building or artwork before?

I think this beautiful architecture also spoke to me because it reminded me so much of artwork I’ve seen across the years depicting Spanish missions of the American southwest. Considering that was all once part of the same territory, I suppose seeing the similarity in Baroque Mexican churches and Spanish missions makes sense, doesn’t it? And it was that regional flare that in some part pushed me in the direction of a vintage feel to this Mexico City print. The moment I saw this old building, it reminded me of vintage prints or postcard scenes. Can’t you see this as part of a colorful old advertisement extolling the virtues of seeing Mexico City?

Note: The historic core of Mexico City including its cathedral is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


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