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Bicycle Reflecting In The Sand – Tybee Beach Art


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Capturing this bicycle on the beach was a bit of luck. I was prepared of course. I had my camera in hand, but the bicycle itself, that was the happy surprise of the afternoon. This beach bicycle print is from my last day on Tybee Island on the Georgia Coast several years ago. I was out on the beach as the later afternoon sun shone and it was turning the wet beach into a giant mirror. This happens when the sun is at the right angle in the sky, generally early in the day or late in the day. As I love natural reflections, this is one of my favorite times to be on the beach wherever I may be!

As I stood there, I hoped that someone would walk the scene before me with the beautiful and dramatic skies reflecting on the beach. I wasn’t expecting someone on a bicycle though, her presence was a chance encounter but an excellent one! I waited for her to get into the best spot to frame this image of Tybee Beach, and it was magical!

Even with the beautiful skies, without something of interest in the scene, this print just wouldn’t be the same, would it? The lady on her bicycle cutting a path through the water on the beach just gives this image that extra life it needs.

Sometimes photography reminds me of Bob Ross and his happy accidents in painting. It wasn’t an accident I was there at the right time of the day, but I was nonetheless working with the elements that happened to be there for best effect.

That combination of the right place and the right time is one of the things that has made this particular print from Tybee Island one of my personal favorites. Does it remind you of a day on the beach there or for that matter, elsewhere? I would love to hear your thoughts or questions about this bicycle print.


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