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Classic Streetcar Art – Savannah Georgia


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I can’t put my finger on why, but I love the sight of a classic streetcar rolling down the street. Bonus points if the street in question happens to be paved in cobblestones. And to top it off, the streetcar that runs down Riverstreet in Savannah is in the late Art Deco style of Streamline Moderne.

You see, Savannah historically had trolleys dating all the way back to the mid 19th century. But the last streetcar line shut down in the 1940s during an era when cars became king and the landscape of cities across America changed. In more recent years, Savannah looked at resurrecting their trolley system. They decided to start with the Riverstreet line which they figured would be a hit with tourists who came to see the old world charm of Savannah. And right they are, as a visitor I was thrilled when I saw a genuine antique streetcar rolling down the street!

And Savannah’s beautiful old streetcar is the real deal. It wasn’t made to look like old, it actually rolled off the line in 1938. This old trolley used to serve the people of Melbourne, Australia. “Dottie” or the #756 was converted to run without overhead lines, but I took some artistic license in this work and painted them in anyway. Dottie is sure an eye catching combination of green and gold, isn’t she?

I wanted a real dynamic sense of motion for this streetcar artwork which I feel I accomplished. I know whenever I look at this particular print, I feel the wind in my hair! I also wanted this piece to have a vintage vibe. Of course, the streamline style is vintage on its own but the engineer completed the scene. Does this depict city life in 2016 or 1940?

Have you ridden the Riverfront Streetcar in Savannah? Or perhaps you even remember Dottie from her days in Australia? Or do you just love classic streetcars? Hope you’ll pause for a moment and share what it is about this particular artwork that spoke to you.


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