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The Face of King Tut – Ancient Egypt Art Print


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I have it on decent authority that the statue seen here in the ruins of Karnak Temple represented none other than King Tut, also known as Pharaoh Tutankhamun. I hate to admit for years that I couldn’t recall that detail about this golden statue I saw early one morning during my Egyptian adventure. We were literally waiting to enter Karnak when it opened that morning, so I suspect I was a little groggy.

I did recall our guide at Karnak Temple telling us that the statues of ancient Egyptian pharaohs often were re-used to represent subsequent rulers. This one may have first represented King Tut during his reign, but small details would be changed to indicate the name of the new pharaoh. I am told in this case the statue likely later represented pharaoh Horemheb and possibly more than one of the pharaohs who went by the name Ramses. At the end of the day, thought the face would be most representative of the pharaoh under which it was carved which appears to be King Tut in this golden example of ancient Egyptian statuary.

Naming details aside, what still strikes me about this statue in the bright light of an Egyptian morning is just how striking it is. Even with over a thousand years of weathering and damage, there’s still an lifelike quality to the stone. It’s clear that whoever carved this depiction of King Tut, it was done with great care. It’s not just looking into the face of an ancient pharaoh but into the craftsmanship of an ancient Egyptian artist. Amazing isn’t it?

Have you seen this same ancient statue in the ruins of Karnak Temple? Or perhaps like me you are fascinated by the work of this ancient sculptor and the history of Egypt? I would love if you took a few seconds to share with me what strikes you most about this King Tut print?

Note: Karnak Temple is part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


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