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Golden Light on the William Wallace Monument – Scotland Art


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My first trip to Scotland, I visited Stirling and saw the Wallace Monument from the ramparts of Stirling Castle. I wanted to go and see the monument in this print up close and personal.

As it would turn out, it was already late in the day and I couldn’t seem to get any consensus on the bus to take there. The days are short in Scotland in the winter, so I think it was just as well I headed back to Edinburgh instead. Luckily it was not my last trip to Scotland.

As it turned out, on my second trip to Scotland, the Highland tour I took included a stop right at the William Wallace Monument on Abbey Craig. There was no hunting for the right bus and the weather was actually light-years better. The photo this print was based on was taken early in the morning under the warm golden rays of the winter sun. The 19th century Victorian Gothic architecture of the tower was really soaking in the warm light and as a result truly pops against that blue sky!

The William Wallace monument was built on a hill from which the Scottish patriot,William Wallace is believed to have watched the troops of King Edward I gather before the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Wallace has became well known to modern day Americans due to the motion picture Braveheart.

It’s probably not surprising, but you’ll find that the real William Wallace, a true hero to the Scots even today, bears little resemblance to the Hollywood version. The monument in this print, though, bears out that he’s not only remembered but the stuff of legends.

Have you also had the pleasure of seeing the Wallace Monument on a visit to Stirling? Or are you simply looking for a vibrant artwork to honor your Scots heritage? Or maybe ‘A’ and ‘B’ is your answer?


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