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Green Bell Pepper – Vintage Collage Art


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Green bell peppers like this one were unknown to much of the world until Europeans reached the “New World” in the late 15th century. The name pepper is something of a misnomer as they are not any way related to the pepper in India, but in the centuries since variations of the name have stuck. In the US this would be called a green bell pepper, but in some places it’s simply a pepper or capsicum. Whatever the name, the plant is a native to Mexico, Central America and northern parts of South America.

Inspiration for this green bell pepper artwork struck when I started seeing them in the fresh produce now that summer here in the southern US is in full swing. There’s just something about that vibrant green that says summer-time to me. And it doesn’t hurt that they reminds me of many summers following behind my grandmother in her garden. There’s definitely more than a little bit of nostalgia at the heart of this!

That green bell pepper on its own would have some nostalgia invested in it for me, but the real vintage flavor is from the background of this print. It’s painted over a collage of a variety of vintage gardening and farming related advertising and seed packets. It speaks to so many summers past on small farms and in the family garden. And it reminds me of the pleasure of fresh produce in the kitchen and on the family table. There’s a classic quality to this print.

In the end, I wanted this green bell pepper artwork to have appeal to both people who love to garden as well as those who love good food in their kitchen and on the table. It’s a colorful piece of art that is at home in the kitchen, the dining room, or for that matter any room where a gardener or chef lives! Don’t you agree?


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