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Historic Holyrood Palace – Edinburgh Art Print


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It was not until my second trip to Edinburgh that I checked out historic Holyrood Palace in detail. As you can tell from this Edinburgh print, the baroque palace has a fairytale level of beauty. On the day I visited historic Holyrood, the weather was oscillating between frightful and beautiful. One moment, storms were blowing, the next the sun was out. The result was an ever-changing canvas for pictures of the historic architecture. And the mood was never quite the same as the last!

This print of historic Holyrood has been one of my most popular from my time in Edinburgh. The skies over the old palace are so dramatic. They really strike a chord with the audience because they are so unique. The gathering clouds contrast with the brilliant gold light. And, of course,the beautiful architecture of the historic palace bridges it all.

The dramatic skies are almost deceptively beautiful. They heralded a night of storms with gale force winds that would close down Hogmanay street party. In a way, I felt those beautiful but ominous skies mirrored the palace as well, It’s a beautiful piece of architecture, but as with most historic palaces, there has been a tumultuous history under that roof. Historic Holyrood has seen it all, palace intrigue, murders, and, yes, everyday life. In modern times, things have been calmer at historic Holyrood. While the palace is the official home to the Scottish monarch, it’s mainly used for a short official visit in the summer.

The pace of life may have slowed at Holyrood, but the historic palace is a gorgeous Edinburgh landmark with a prominent place at the bottom of the Royal Mile. And the architecture is simply classically beautiful. Don’t you think historic Holyrood fits the fairytale category of castles? With those towers and the castellated roof-line, it strikes me as a storybook perfect architecture.

Have you had the pleasure of visiting Holyrood as well? Or is it the beautiful palace architecture that speaks to you in this landmark print?


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