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The Pinnacle – Buckhead – Atlanta Art Print


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The Pinnacle, the building pictured in this art print, best represents my memory of Buckhead. When I first moved to Atlanta in the late 90’s, I lived near The Pinnacle and regularly saw this tower, which was then fairly new.

In the decade that passed between moving to Atlanta and leaving the metro area, the skyline around Buckhead’s Pinnacle has become more crowded and there are buildings which dwarfed this one by the time I left.

Still, the Pinnacle, designed by the firm of Pickard Chilton, remains a personal favorite piece of Atlanta architecture. That great curved roof has an appearance of motion and looks hinged. I hope I don’t lose points by admitting that it was some weeks after moving there that I realized it was actually fixed. Doesn’t that sweeping roof provides a dramatic statement rising above Peachtree Road? It’s a great piece of postmodern design.

This particular photo was from one last photo stroll I took through Atlanta just before I left to follow my dreams of pursuing my art full time. It seemed fitting to end up more or less where I’d started in Atlanta on this last walk. Back to the beginning so to speak but still looking up in awe at the Pinnacle.

And I’m quite proud of this print which captures both the rhythm of life on the streets of Buckhead as well as that brilliant piece of architecture reaching into the skies.


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