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Spanish Baroque Architecture – Oaxaca Mexico Art


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I think it was a combination of the incredible skies and the beautiful Spanish baroque architecture of the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán that kept bringing me back to this little plaza in the heart of historic Oaxaca. I was never sure if the skies in Oaxaca were extra beautiful while I was there or if maybe it’s the higher elevation of this part of Mexico that made it feel as if you could touch the skies? But whatever it was, it was an impressive sight for sure! It really felt to me as if those Spanish baroque church towers were touching the clouds. And that was the view I was after in this print as I sat in the plaza that beautiful afternoon.

Regardless of the elevation, Oaxaca is a gorgeous city by any definition. It is literally packed with Spanish Baroque and other colonial architecture. So much of those old building survive in fact that the historic core of Oaxaca is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site. And there really is a feeling there of having stumbled back into the past with street after street of historic architecture including the Spanish baroque churches for which Latin America is so well known.

The Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán was part of a 16th century monastery (now a museum). But it is such a grand bit of Spanish baroque architecture that I can easily see people mistaking it for the Oaxaca cathedral! And the Oaxaca cathedral was also a beautiful building, but this one only a few blocks away gives you an idea of just how much beautiful old world architecture is packed into this city.

And it may be a key as well as to why I would love to return here some day. As this Oaxaca print suggests, it’s a very visual city. In just two days in Oaxaca, I came back with some of my personal favorite Mexico prints. It’s certainly a city with a visual punch and those prints are a treat whether you’ve been to Oaxaca or you simply love the flavor of Spanish Colonial architecture. I would love to hear what speaks to you most in this particular Oaxaca print. Hope you will take a second to share your thoughts!


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