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Spanish Colonial Architecture – Golden Puebla Mexico Art


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There are some places that simply capture the imagination in a short time. I had less than a day in Puebla, Mexico. It was mainly an overnight stop between Mexico City and Oaxaca, but after only a few moments wandering the Spanish Colonial streets of Puebla, I wished for more time. Puebla is golden in my memories, but the colors were as varied and as vibrant as you can imagine. Puebla seemed to be undergoing a little bit of a renaissance. On every street, I saw old Spanish Colonial architecture with fresh stucco and vivid paint. It was a bit of an artist’s paradise. Every vista seemed to have something to offer from rustic streets to the fresh and new.

When I spotted this particular piece of Spanish Colonial style architecture I was just floored by the sight. It wasn’t just the vivid golden color, either. Although the color helped, it was the scale of the architecture. Those windows are immense! The lady in traditional dress in this picture really illustrates just how large it was. It’s not just that the windows themselves are large, look at the framing around them. It really makes a statement! I also loved the asymmetrical layout which clearly paid more attention to the inside of this old home than how it looked from the street. There was clearly no thoughts of uniformity when this beautiful stucco building was erected. The result is, I think, simply charming and eclectic. Of course I think charming and the eclectic are virtually synonyms.

Puebla was actually a city rich in architectural styles from solid and relatively plain Spanish Colonial homes to the baroque and art deco. It was clearly not a city stuck in the past, but it was the really old buildings that seemed to resonate with me. They certainly make for timeless prints of Mexico that could have been taken yesterday or decades ago, instantly classic.

Have you had the pleasure of wandering the streets of Puebla yourself? Or do the vibrant colors and classic appeal of this Mexican print speak to you and you’ve never been? I hope you will spend a little time sharing what speaks to you most about this Puebla print!


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