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Surfer Beach Art – Playa del Carmen Print


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I’ve always liked the retro cool style of surfer beach art. There’s just something about the motif that appeals to me. Even more so after I first saw surfers on the California coast some years ago. Since then I’ve always been on the lookout for surfers anytime I’m near the sea. But honestly when I scheduled some down time at Playa del Carmen, it was just to see the Caribbean, not because I expected it to be a surfer beach.

And while I didn’t see a ton of surfers roaming the sandy beaches of Playa del Carmen, I did see some and I couldn’t resist the chance when it presented itself. The beach there is just classically beautiful. There’s no mistaking why people travel to this corner of Mexico. The beautiful Caribbean waters, the sugary sand, and the fabulous weather… Paradise springs to mind even if surfer beach didn’t. But when I saw this surfer walking the beach with his board in hand, I knew I had the makings for a classic surfer beach print.

Fantastic sand and sea, heavenly skies, and a surfer surveying the horizon, I still look at this print and feel goosebumps and want to find my way to the beach again and experience the zen of watching surfers riding the waves. If you are a surfer, I bet you hear that call even louder don’t you?

I’ve enjoyed the surfer beach vibe from California to Cornwall and now in between. And each time has been an experience that made me want to seek out more of these places. I’ve since heard there are indeed some good waves to be found in the area which just adds another reason I’d love to return to Playa del Carmen some day. In the end, I guess I got more than I expected out of this stop on my trip. I went with plans to relax, and of course I did, but I was equally inspired by the sights there as well.

Have you also been to Playa del Carmen or does the retro surfer beach vibe of this print speak to you loudest? I hope you might take a second to share what you like best about this print?


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