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The Last Sea – Narnia Inspired Art


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When I was growing up, one of my favorite book series was The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. The worlds and characters Lewis wrote about were incredibly real and vivid to me. It felt to me then as if Narnia was a place I could stumble into myself one day. Perhaps that’s a dream I have never entirely escaped? Not that I ever tried!

If you’re a fan of Narnia, then the title of this watery art probably doesn’t need explanation. The Last Sea was a place visited by Caspian and his crew in the Voyage of The Dawn Treader. It formed part of the border at the edge of Narnia. Beyond the Last Sea was the Silver sea and the literal edge of the world of Narnia. Beyond these places was Aslan’s Country, the destination of Reepicheep, the chivalrous mouse. When I read those tales as a child, these misty waters were my mental image of that fantastic place.

This print is loosely based on photos I took while visiting the Georgia coast. Of course, the coast of my home state is not Narnia. Yet the marshy lands of the barrier islands reminded me of the edge of the world in the Dawn Treader. There was a mystical quality to the place and it also reminded me of the places of ancient reverence that dot the marshy landscapes in the old world. Those transitional spaces between land and sea were long considered sacred and metaphorical if not actual boundaries to the spiritual world.

Does this artwork remind you of the Last Sea on the edge of the world in Narnia as well? Or perhaps it speaks to you of ancient sacred places? Maybe you simply love the soft colors and misty landscape? I hope you might pause for a moment to share your thoughts and let me know what you like most about this artwork?


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