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The Varsity – Landmark Atlanta Print


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There’s certainly no question that The Varsity is an Atlanta landmark and an iconic one at that. Years ago when I was first developing a passion for photography and visual art in general I set about working on a collection of images that I referred to with the rather ambitious series title, Atlanta Icons. There was little question in my mind that the large V of The Varsity sign should be included. Although I had visited the restaurant very soon after I moved to Atlanta, I would have known about The Varsity whether or not I had. After all, that large V sign stands over the downtown interstate connector in Atlanta. It’s a ridiculously hard to miss landmark if you’re visiting Atlanta or just trying to navigate through the city on your daily commute!

As a matter of fact, this landmark Atlanta print was partially responsible for giving me the motivation to make it as a visual artist. I submitted this Varsity print in the My Atlanta photography show in Piedmont Park in 2006. I was ecstatic when it got the award for best use of color in the show. That was one of my first awards. I think it may have actually been the first.

This Atlanta print has been popular in the decade that has passed, especially with Georgia Tech alumni. After all even though it has grown into a chain, the original Varsity is very much associated with the history of Georgia Tech students. But even those of us with no ties to Tech have a soft spot for traditions. And The Varsity at 90 years is certainly a local tradition. I have had countless Atlantans share fond memories of The Varsity – particularly of family they went there with.

I would love to hear what about this Varsity print speaks to you? Did it pique your interest because you are a former Tech student? Maybe it brings back warm memories of family or friends and times spent there having a chili dog or onion rings together?

Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts and don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have questions about ordering prints of The Varsity or any of my other work.


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