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Traditional Irish Music Artwork


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This artwork was very much inspired by nights listening to traditional Irish music during my stay in Ireland. Whether or not you’ve sat in a warm Irish pub on a cold winter night, you’ve likely had the same experience of a feeling of connection to the culture there while listening to Traditional Irish Music. There’s something primal about it that appeals to so many of us, both those with Irish heritage and those who simply feel a kinship.

The background to this artwork is a collage of classic sheet music that lends a great vintage patina and speaks to the long and continuing history of traditional Irish music. The musician is painted in the colors of the Irish flag which itself is meant to represent the unity of Ireland. The colors of the Irish flag are orange, white, and green. The orange and green are said to represent the Protestants and the Catholics, and the white the wish for peace among them in a modern Ireland. And I know personally I’ve always thought music is a wonderful force for uniting people.

A night in a pub listening to traditional Irish music might not solve all the worlds ills, but I know the memories of those nights still bring a smile to my face. And that was very much the vibe I wanted in this artwork. I wanted it to speak to my own happy memories of Ireland and Irish culture. It was definitely a life changing experience for me. Does this art remind you of happy nights spent in Ireland as well? Perhaps your home is there? Or perhaps this reminds you of your own family heritage? I hope you might take a few moments to share why this Irish artwork is special to you?


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