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Tropical Seascape – Costa Rican Coast


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There’s really something magical about a tropical seascape. I find roaming the beaches and coasts around the world a wonderful way to spend the day. But the tropical waters of our planet seem to just shine with a natural beauty and the colors… oh wow! There’s just no comparison.

This particular tropical seascape is from Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. This was my view near the end of my day on the aptly named Playa Hermosa. It was a crowded little beach but there seemed to be more than enough beautiful vistas to go around. In fact, I’m not sure I have ever felt such a sense of zen on such a busy beach.

The overall vibe of that beautiful beach definitely fits the calm balance of this tropical seascape! And balanced is definitely how I’d describe this artwork. There’s a natural balance between sea and sky and the colors of blue and gold both are both balanced and complementary. Everything seems to exist in some sort of harmony from the two boats to the three women in silhouette.

Every time I look at the vibrant colors in this tropical seascape, I’m transported back to Costa Rica. I can feel the worries wash away and all feel right with the world. I’ve often thought those good feeling were there because I was remembering my mood from that day at the beach but I’ve been told much the same by others who have enjoyed this print but never set foot in Costa Rica. So if your life needs a little balance, maybe this Costa Rican artwork is the cure for whatever ails you?

What speaks to you most in this Costa Rica print? Is it the beautiful tropical seascape? The vibrant colors? The trio of women? Or have you strolled on the same stretch of beach? I hope you’ll enjoy the zen vibe for a moment and pause to tell me what attracted you most to this artwork?


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