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UGA Arch Print – University of Georgia Landmark


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This UGA Arch print features the iconic landmark on a rainy evening on the historic North Campus of the University of Georgia. The UGA Arch was designed after the Great Seal of the State of Georgia. As the state’s oldest university, this seems fitting doesn’t it? Georgia’s seal also has three pillars with the words, wisdom, justice, and moderation above them. While the words aren’t present on the UGA arch, you need only look at the state seal to realize this is the seal brought to life.

The Arch at UGA is over 160 years old and was installed when the University of Georgia was still a spry 72 years old. The UGA Arch was originally known as The Gate because that was its function – a decorative gate to be sure but it served to keep livestock off the campus. As time as passed The Arch has become ornamental but beloved. And it has become a tradition that students should not pass through The Arch prior to graduating at UGA.

I love to do rainy night scenes so when it came time to tackle a University of Georgia landmark, I was determined to do a unique rainy take in this UGA Arch print. I love the path beyond lit up by the old lamps. There’s a timeless feel which I think befits a print of an historic college campus. And as one of the oldest public colleges in the United States, UGA certainly fits that bill.

I hope you’ll pause to share your thoughts about this print of a rainy night on the University of Georgia campus. Does it remind you of your time as a student there? Maybe it reminds you of a family member who attended? I hope you’ll share your memories as well as your thoughts on this UGA print in the comments below. Like all of my work, this print is available in a wide range of sizes from small to large wall art and in multiple formats including prints for framing and ready to hang framed wall art and more. Click through to find out more or send me a message if you have any questions about the prints for sale on my site.

The old North Campus at UGA is on the National Register of Historic Places.


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