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Wild Landscapes Of Western Ireland


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Considering their proximity, I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising that there were parts of Ireland that seriously reminded me of the Scottish Highlands. And this was especially true of the places I saw in Western Ireland. The landscapes there were simply sweeping and dramatic like this view overlooking Killary on the border of County Galway and County Mayo.

I spent a few days wandering the roads of Connemara in Western Ireland near Killary. In the midst of winter, the weather was ever-changing. I’ve heard the same can be said about Irish weather no matter the season! One moment it was gray and there was a cold rain falling over me and I wondered why on earth I wasn’t sitting by a warm hearth somewhere. And then there would be a fleeting moment like this, where the clouds parted and the sun made an appearance. And as the land was illuminated before me, it made perfect sense that I was there. In fact, there’s nowhere I would have rather been than on a lonely road in Western Ireland!

And I still dream of going back there. Those wild landscapes of western Ireland haunt my dreams. I’ve been to some incredibly beautiful places before and since but there was simply a magic to Connemara that doesn’t seem easily duplicated. Just look at those awesome skies spread out over rolling hills and such an incredible vista. It looks like someone’s fantasy more so than an actual spot on the globe. Don’t you agree?

Have you also wandered the roads of Western Ireland on holiday there? Or maybe you’ve lived in this incredible setting? Have family history in Connemara? Or maybe you just appreciate a beautiful landscape like this? I hope you’ll take a moment to share what attracted you to this particular Irish landscape print?


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