Southern style has an ineffable quality to it. It’s distinctive when you see it, but sometimes it’s hard to describe. Southern style can be old plantation homes of the deep south – think Gone With The Wind! At the same time it can be old shacks and weathered barns surrounded by farm fields. Southern includes Mayberryesque small towns where Andy Taylor would have felt at home. It’s not a simple question of location. There are certainly images of the modern south that would be as at home above the Mason Dixon line as below it. The artwork shown here fits my definition of southern style but maybe your image of the deep south differs? If you enjoy my style, then I encourage you to explore my images from various southern states and make your own selections of what is genuinely southern.

As a southern artist, there’s certainly a little bit of me in the artwork on display here. My world view from being raised here obviously influences all of my work. Yet, depicting scenes from ‘home’ always takes on a special significance. If you are browsing the art here, I suspect you share that same sentiment and I believe my work will resonate with you.

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