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St Albans Abbey – Scenic Britain Art Print


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This rambling old church pictured here is known to locals simply as The Abbey. Despite the moniker, St Albans Abbey is actually a cathedral of the Anglican church. It is known officially as The Cathedral & Abbey Church of Saint Alban. There’s a long religious history in St Albans going all the way back to Roman times when Saint Alban became the first British martyr. His shrine at St Albans Abbey was once a stopping point for pilgrimages in Britain.

I really enjoyed wandering around St Albans Abbey as it’s beautiful inside and out, which should be apparent from this picture. It’s also an incredible amalgam of historic architecture. If you look about midway back in this photo, you’ll see some architecture that looks much different from the facade. That section of the abbey is actually all that remains of an older medieval Norman Abbey built in 1077.

Meanwhile the rest of the church is a very romanticized gothic revival structure from the 19th century. Reconstruction of the old abbey was funded by a wealthy benefactor who was more concerned with his vision than historical accuracy. Although I like historical accuracy, the Gothic fantasy is quite beautiful in its own way and certainly far preferable to wandering through scenic ruins today!

An added bonus while I was taking photos of the church was the sky. It was streaked with clouds and as you can tell the church was bathed in a great golden light. But in the right hand of this St Albans Abbey print, you can see some sort of atmospheric phenomena. It looks like the sun reflecting off the clouds, but I’m not sure what the source was? But when I saw it, I just that I had to frame this photo in such a way to include it. A sun dog of some type perhaps?

Whatever the source of that dramatic sky, it makes for quite a unique print doesn’t it? And it was q quite a memorable note on which to depart St Albans Abbey and that picturesque village. It took me several trips to Britain to discover this historic community only a short ride from London. But I hope to wander through there again some day. It simply whetted my appetite.

Have you been to St Albans Abbey? Or perhaps you have a family connection to this beautiful church or the community there? I’d love to hear what attracts you to this scenic St Albans print?


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