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  • Tropical Colors of Nicaragua - Vivid San Juan del Sur Print by Mark Tisdale

    The Tropical Colors Of Coastal Nicaragua

    Imagine how dull the world would be without tropical colors! I have written before about our collective changing tastes where color is concerned. Brilliant colors like the ones in this scene from San Juan del Sur have been both democratized … Read More
  • Rustic Wooden Door - Granada Nicaragua Architecture Print by Mark Tisdale

    Rustic Wood Door – Nicaragua Art

    My eyes are always drawn to anything old and weathered and all the better when it’s in the midst of the brilliant colors of Latin America. So, you can imagine I had my eyes on this rustic wood door on … Read More
  • San Juan del Sur Nicaragua - Classic Beach Sunset Print by Mark Tisdale

    Classic Sunset Beach Scene – Nicaragua

    This classic sunset beach scene will always have a special place in my heart. It was during my brief travels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua that the idea of following my heart really coalesced in my head. And it was … Read More
  • Lake Nicaragua Sunset - Tropical Artwork Print by Mark Tisdale

    Lake Nicaragua – Tropical Sunset Art

    A lot of my time in Central America was spent on or near Lake Nicaragua. Since it’s such a large body of water, it’s not really such a big surprise that a lot of communities are located near Lake Nicaragua. … Read More
  • Streets of Colorful Granada Nicaragua - Pritn by Mark Tisdale

    Colorful Granada Nicaragua Art

    This street scene very much embodies my memories of colorful Granada, Nicaragua. Although far from an unknown city, I went in somewhat blindly. When I made plans to visit Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it was somewhat last minute and my … Read More
  • Fantasy Tree Art Print - Lake Nicaragua Print by Mark Tisdale

    Fantasy Tree Art – Lake Nicaragua

    There are some settings that are just magical by their very nature, and that’s how I would describe the location of this fantasy tree art on a little island in Lake Nicaragua. I will never forget the first time I … Read More
  • Tropical Paradise - San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua - Art Print by Mark Tisdale

    Tropical Paradise – San Juan del Sur – Nicaragua

    I’ve visited some beautiful beaches, but San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua fit my stereotypical image of a tropical paradise. From beach huts to palm trees, this little corner of Nicaragua on the Pacific Coast has haunted me every since … Read More