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Lake Nicaragua – Tropical Sunset Art


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A lot of my time in Central America was spent on or near Lake Nicaragua. Since it’s such a large body of water, it’s not really such a big surprise that a lot of communities are located near Lake Nicaragua. After all, travel by roads is a relatively modern way of life. It wasn’t that long ago when travel over water was the best way to go.

And for the people who call Lake Nicaragua home today, the water is still central in their lives. We spent all of our time during our stay on Solentiname on the water. If we weren’t traveling to nearby places, we were relaxing near the water’s edge. In fact, we traveled from Lake Nicaragua by river back to Costa Rica when we said our farewell to Nicaragua.

I was far more affected by my stay in Nicaragua than I expected. The tropical landscapes were magical and the rhythm of life was infectious. This beautiful sunset is from our last night on Lake Nicaragua and, by proxy, our last night in the country. I won’t ever forget the dazzling skies. I had been watching the skies all day and the mix of clouds was promising. I had a feeling it would be a pretty tropical sunset, but I had no idea!

Just look at those dramatic skies! The mix of orange and gold and red is just… well, off the charts… The colors the vibrancy… It was a fantastic way to spend one last relaxing day on a little island in the midst of Lake Nicaragua. It was as if the country was saying goodbye to us and had saved up the best for last.

By contrast, the next morning when our little cadre left this pier on Lake Nicaragua, the skies were gray and a gentle rain was falling. I really think the previous day had met our allotment on beautiful days in Nicaragua in some sort of cosmic sense.

Have you visited any of the islands in Lake Nicaragua or Solentiname in particular? Does this print remind you of your stay there? Or perhaps this off the chart beautiful sunset speaks to the side of you that loves tropical landscapes? Whatever the case I hope you’ll share with me what speaks to you in this print!


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