There’s just something magical about sunrises and sunsets. When the sun is low on the horizon as day begins and day ends, there’s this incredible quality to the light. No two sunrises or sunsets are the same. The light can be warm and golden or cool and blue. It depends on the atmosphere, the season, etc.

The sunrises and sunsets in these art prints run the gamut from waterfronts to  landscapes and cities big and small. Whatever the subject, the lighting makes or breaks it. And there’s a reason artists flock to capture these golden moments. Like snowflakes they are all different. And there’s something about the symbolism of the passage of time rolled up in there. The light of the sun marks the days of our lives after all.

Do you love sunrises and sunsets too? Then I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy a taste of these special times of the day through these unique art prints.

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