This collection of boat prints features a selection of boat art both from places I’ve traveled  near and far as well as boats that are entirely a creation of my imagination. There’s something about boat art that I think speaks to many of us – both those who own boats as well as those of us who are simply fond of the subject. I think some of the collective love for boat prints is connected to our long history with boats. Before we had roads, the rivers and seas were the highways of our world. In older cities the world over, you’ll find many of the grand old buildings face the rivers, seas, and ports rather than the adjacent streets. That’s quite simply because people arrived and departed on the water.

Anyway, I will stop waxing poetic about the history of boats and leave you to enjoy my ever-growing collection of boat art. You can get your boat prints framed, on canvas, ready for framing, and in a variety of sizes from small prints that are great for gifts or large pieces of statement art for your home or office. If you have any questions about ordering your prints, comments or queries about individual prints, please send me a message and I’ll be happy to help. I’m also open to suggestions for specific subjects. So if you don’t see a the boat print you’re searching for but enjoy the style of my work, please feel free to make your suggestion.

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