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Unique Jigsaw Puzzles – An Update


Over the past year I’ve had a number of people tell me they’d love to see unique jigsaw puzzles using my artwork. I’m hoping that I soon may be able to offer them directly on my primary shop. Currently, I have some samples heading my way from a few different suppliers. So hopefully I’ll have news on on that front soon. However, by the time I’ve hopefully picked a vendor and started populating my online shop, we’re probably looking at well towards Christmas if not past it entirely. So I wanted to post an update now so that if any of you are shopping for unique jigsaw puzzles for gifts this year, you’ll know where to look.

The most popular shop where I offer puzzles right now is my MarkOnArt Jigsaw Puzzle shop over on Zazzle. As it will be if/when I get puzzles up on my own shop, these puzzles are custom printed to your order. These are not mass produced puzzles that are sitting in their thousands inside a warehouse somewhere. So they are genuinely unique jigsaw puzzles. Although others can order them, chances are you’re not going to meet someone who owns the same one that you do!

Among others, you’ll find this recent London art is available there.

Unique Jigsaw Puzzle - London Kiss in the Rain Artwork
Kiss in the Rain – London
London Kiss - Jigsaw Puzzle Detail View
Detail View

At the moment I have nearly two dozen puzzles available on Zazzle and adding more as I have time. If you would like to shop from my shop there but don’t see the image you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to send a message and let me know what it is you’re seeking.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse - Unique Jigsaw Puzzle
Yaquina Head Lighthouse In The Rain – Jigsaw Puzzle

My lighthouse artwork in particular has proven popular on puzzles. The one above is one of several I’ve already made available over on Zazzle.

I actually have a larger number of puzzles available in my shop at Fine Art America/Pixels. If you’ve bought prints for wall art from me in the past, this is the same company that provides these creative puzzles.

As an example, here’s another lighthouse puzzle – this one from the folks at Fine Art America/Pixels LLC.

St. Simons Island Lighthouse Artwork Jigsaw Puzzle
St Simons Island In The Rain Puzzle

I am honestly not a puzzle aficionado. I have not put one together for many years and I frequently think the skies on my art would make for challenging if unique jigsaw puzzles. What do you think? And in particular, I hope the people who are fans of jigsaw puzzles will chime in with their thoughts. What interests you in a puzzle? Do you look for a large number of pieces? Or is it more about the subject of the puzzle rather than difficulty level? And is there anything in particular you think I should look for when I have my sample puzzles in hand?

When I get my samples, what I’m most interested in is seeing that the pieces look, as best I can tell, well done and that the color is true to my original work. So as a non-puzzle person, that gives you some idea what my emphasis will be on selecting a vendor. But as I said, I’d like your insights as well! And if you order puzzles from either of the vendors I linked to here, I definitely want to hear your thoughts on them. That’s true wherever you buy my work. If any of these vendors wows you or disappoints you, I’d like to know either way.

Regardless if you’re hunting for custom puzzles or wall art this year, if you’re ordering from my primary shop or one of the marketplaces where I offer my work, I would suggest ordering sooner rather than later. I’m already seeing that packages, both ones that I have ordered personally as well as customer orders are starting to take longer to arrive. Usually I post a mid December deadline for ordering. I’m not sure I’m even prepared to give an official date this year. If I get a firm date from any of the vendors I work will, I will pass it on but last year I had a few customers who were still awaiting orders after Christmas. Hence my suggestion to order as soon as you can to give it time to wend its way to your door!

Note: The Zazzle links in this post are affiliate links. The price you pay is unaffected but if you make a purchase on Zazzle after following those links, I will receive a small commission. This occurs whether you purchase my work or that of another artist on the Zazzle marketplace.

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  1. Susan OHare says:

    OMGOODNESS!! Puzzles are my favorite!! I’ve been doing them since I was 9! I’m so excited about your puzzles!! Can’t wait for my tax refund! I’m going shopping!! Thank you

    1. Yay! I’m glad to hear this is a product you’re looking forward to. I’ve got a couple of samples in hand now and although I’m not a “puzzle person” I am excited by how they look as far as color reproduction goes. Hopefully more news from me soon on that front!


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