The Eiffel Tower in soft winter light - textured
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Taste of Paris – New Prints Offered


I’ve been making major headway with re-working my online gallery, and the latest to join the completed stack are the prints on offer from Paris! I’ve said over and over again that Paris is easily the most photogenic place I’ve been. There are cities that I dearly love that were not as shockingly beautiful. And it’s made the task of selecting what to include in my gallery even harder. In fact, I’m almost certain I’ll be rotating work in and out of this gallery in the future. This is probably the only print gallery I re-worked and the number of pieces in it grew instead of declined. Even removing work, I added enough to offset it. Not exactly a tragedy but not the norm, I assure.

Before I introduce a small selection of new Paris Prints, I wanted to announce that I’m going to continue doing introductory specials when new work is offered. I consider this a thank you to those who follow my work closely. The introductory special on my new Paris Prints as well as a couple of new prints from Great Britain end on April 8th. You can see what’s available here:

Introductory Special Print Gallery

And now on with a small taste of my new Paris pictures:

The Eiffel Tower in soft winter light - textured
Paris in Pastel

The more I looked at this photo of the Eiffel Tower, the more I felt like the soft light against the clouds and in the water reminded me of a painting. I decided this was a picture that deserved some texture work to really bring out that feeling even more. The soft light plus the texture on the trees at the base of the Eiffel Tower even remind me a bit of what I suspect Paris might look like in the autumn.

Picture of La Samaritaine - an old Parisian Department Store
La Samaritaine – The Streets of Paris

I’m not sure I’ll forget taking this photo from the streets of Paris near the Seine. I had just left Notre Dame and it was such a fantastically sunny day for winter that I decided to continue along the Seine since the buildings that front the river are beautiful and many are landmarks. I arrived at the Pont-Neuf and glanced across the bridge and was just shocked by the bright golden light reflecting off the building on the opposite bank. I didn’t know any of the details until I got home, but La Samaritaine is a department store that opened in the 1860’s and closed in 2005, so a piece of Parisian history. The exterior reflects an Art Nouveau remodel around the turn of the century. At any rate, this scene just really speaks to me about Paris in the day time, or at least my experience of it in the midst of winter. Love the scooter part way over the Pont-Neuf and the people strolling… But the big story in the photo is the light, the bright light on the other side and the comparative shadows in the foreground. I think it was the lighting that initially made me think to try a photo-art texture on this photo, but in the end, I decided I prefer the photo, which is rich in details that didn’t stand up to my initial attempts at a textured treatment.

Parisian Picture of the Seine at night and the buildings overlooking the river
Into The Parisian Night

It’s funny that on my first night in Paris, I wasn’t really out to capture photos of the city for any purpose other than my own memories of arriving in the city, but there are a few, like this one, that I’ve found deserved to not just collect dust on my hard drive. This picture really captures the way I remember Paris at night, and I suspect it will do the same for many others who strolled along the Seine to see the city lights. I love how both the river and the street light leads one eyes across the photo, and the familiar Parisian roof-line in the distance… It definitely makes me nostalgic..

Actually the entire exercise of re-working each gallery has made me nostalgic for the places I’ve been, but I do hope to have the opportunity to see Paris in another season one day, to have more time than last exploring the city more deeply.  Let’s hope the chance arises!  Until then, I hope you all enjoy my Paris collection as much as I do!

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